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Form of maintaining account the card-index. The name of a subject (thing), circumstances which formed the basis for registration are reflected in a card and also the description of a subject, including its characteristics is given.

I.A. Vozgrin considers that the contents of registration data are limited to territorial, temporary and target limits. As a territorial limit he understands restriction of collecting and use of data with borders of a certain district, as a temporary limit – restriction with the concrete period of time, as a target limit – collecting and use only of such data which correspond solved by separate types of accounts zadacham.11

Registration and check on it are interconnected: before registering object, it is checked on already available array of maps. Maps are filled in in 2 or 3 copies and together with daktilokarta go to local ZITs, ITs. Further actions for check and registration are carried out by employees of these divisions.

In a form the account mixed: there is a card file of photocopies of counterfeit documents and a collection of forms. The registration massif consists of three sections: diplomas and forms of diplomas about the termination of the highest and average special institutions; driver's licenses and their forms; other documents.

Check on a dactyloscopic card file gives the chance to identify the personality of detainees, arrested, the dead, the lost unknown citizens (unknown a corpse; citizens without documents which are not able owing to a state of health or age to report about itself any data.

The obligatory – collections of the tools and other widespread subjects used as breaking tools; images of soles and top of footwear, farny lenses; paint and varnish coverings of automotor-transport, prints of protectors of tires of automotor-transsweat.