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The specified general list included the bases which are connected in one cases with organizationally – production circumstances, other cases with the identity of the worker, in - the third with guilty actions of the worker, or recovery of the worker who was earlier performing this work.

In – the fourth, participating in the labor relations, the worker performs a certain work, applying a personal labor. This feature follows from the nature of live work. It is impossible to enter the labor relations, applying the abilities to work through the representative.

The operational criterion characterizes ability of the organization to carry out reception and dismissal of workers, the organization of their work, creation of all necessary working conditions, providing measures of social protection, observance of the labor law of the worker. The property criterion defines opportunity to dispose of money (a compensation background, other relevant funds), to pay off with the worker for work, to award them to provide other privileges connected with material security.

Providing work on conditional labor function and, respectively ensuring the actual employment with work of this worker as performer of labor function, and also creation of the conditions providing its productive performance

Proceeding from it it is possible to assume that persons of wage labor and are hired workers. It would have to limit them as those who is connected with the legal entity the relation of membership or participation and works in this organization.

observance of labor discipline, submission to the internal labor schedule, the set mode of working hours, use of the equipment, devices, raw materials, other property of the employer according to the provided regulations and rules, preservation of this property, observance of instructions and rules on labor protection.