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- to own art of business communication, etiquette, features of the relations with mass media; to know stereotypes of clients; to be able to convince audience and to win an arrangement of public groups; to own technology of nonverbal communication;

Public relations — the operated process of communication between firm and society which calling to inform the public on activity of firm with commercial, special or other purposes. These purposes have to be clear, socially useful, and information on their achievement — exact and without propaganda okrashennost.

Heads of the enterprises, businessmen, businessmen and managers have to create philosophy of activity of firm (for the sake of what it is created, what services useful to society which directly are not connected with receiving profit it is ready to render, etc.).

In marketing activity of effort within PR are directed on formation and development of the most optimum forms of relationship between firm or the personality and society, on creation of positive perception of a product, service or the person in mass consciousness. Change, improvement or even rescue of image of this or that structure or the personality becomes an important problem of PR sometimes.

presents to Public relations as opportunity to generate new ideas and together with it to create, based on ideas of pluralism, a counterbalance to the dominating opinions. Oekl in the center of the theory puts achievement by means of Public relations of consensus and formation of the opinion expressed by the majority.

Source — this person or the organization generating the message. Usually the source has idea of that, as if it wanted that the message was interpreted by the recipient. However the result of interpretation, i.e. interpretation of the message by the recipient, is defined by a number of factors, and first of all, coding.

Maintenance of the relations with the press does not belong to duties of the organization but if activity of the last causes interest of the public, mass media will place about it materials and messages. If at this press assistance is rendered, it considerably will reduce probability of distortion and inaccuracies in messages. Besides, the relations with the press are used for advertizing.

The most widespread way of submission of information to the press — an information message, or the press release. After writing it is sent by mail or on channels of computer communication to various newspapers and periodicals, on radio and television. The main requirement imposed to the press release is that it has to be clear, without ambiguities.

Public relations are engaged in integration of opinions and views of administrations of the enterprises with opinion of the public, and vice versa. This idea of Public relations as about the instrument of interpretation and integration was then is adopted also by pioneers of Public relations in Germany Karl Haundkhauzen and Albert Oekl.

The PR programs create favorable social climate or, at least, socially nonaggressive environment for firm, removing possible contradictions. Thus, both communicative, and commercial tasks of firm substantially are solved.

Decoding of the message — is its translation into the recipient's language. Decoding is defined by personal perception of the recipient, his ability to distinguish and interpret the codes used for transfer of idea. Therefore decoding has subjective character in a certain degree.

Thus, a common goal of Public relations is achievement and preservation of a condition of understanding and trust, and the understanding and trust, in turn, become base for achievement of coherence in actions.

In the normal market relations without address to professionals of PR any decent structure caring of the reputation and long-term success of activity does not work. To experts of PR strict requirements are imposed, basic of which are:

Anti-advertizing, i.e. decrease in image. It is easier to reduce image, than to ennoble, i.e. to position advantages. The anti-advertizing purpose — to reduce inflow of clients in case the firm is not able to satisfy all, and to offend refusal it is not desirable. In this case it is necessary to explain to clients the existing problems.