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And, at last, in a number of definitions it is noted that investments represent long-term investments of money. Certainly, separate forms of investments (first of all, capital investments) have long-term character, however investments can be and short-term (for example, short-term financial investments in stocks, savings certificates, etc.).

real/capital investments — investment of capital in real assets — acquisition of houses, constructions, other objects of immovable property, other fixed assets and intangible assets which are subject to depreciation

indirect investments — the investment mediated by other persons (investment or financial intermediaries). These investments are carried out by the investors who do not have sufficient qualification for a choice of objects of investment and further management of them. In this case they get the securities issued by investment or other financial intermediaries (for example, investment certificates of investment funds and investment companies), and the last, the investment funds raised thus place at discretion — choose the most effective objects of investment, participate in management of them, and the gained income distributes then among the clients

The system of the enterprises and the organizations which are carrying out function of creation of the necessary immovable fixed assets sufficient for activity of the enterprises and organizations of all branches of a national economy in production is called as an investment complex. Are a part of an investment complex:

It is natural that at a lack of own means the main attention of the enterprises is directed on possibility of involvement of external investors and investment resources. Here for each enterprise actual is a problem of involvement of foreign investors and, first of all, development of investment projects.

The form also disagrees that in some sources of investment define as an investment of money. He specifies that investment of the capital can be carried out not only in monetary, but also in other forms — personal and real estate, various financial instruments, intangible assets, etc.

financial investments — acquisition of the corporate rights, securities, derivatives and other financial instruments. Financial investments, are in turn subdivided into straight lines (entering of means into an authorized capital of legal entity in exchange for its corporate it is right also portfolio (acquisition of securities and other financial assets on a share rynk;

direct investments — direct means the investor in objects of investment (this type of investment carry out, the investors having rather exact information on object of investment and investments, well familiar with the mechanism generally prepared);

Proceeding from the definition of investments given above, it should be noted that not any investment of savings (property and intellectual values) represents. For example, if the natural person gets securities at other natural person, investments such have limited character as thus there is only a change of their owners, i.e. the act of transfer of money and acquisition of the rights in the future of the income of the company which actions were takes place.