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Primary activity of non-profit organization — is the activity answering the purpose for the sake of which this organization is created and which is provided by its constituent documents. The non-profit organization can carry out one or several kinds of activity.

The administrative expenses connected with performance of the primary authorized activity. Treat them: the maintenance of the regular personnel (a salary, different payments), contributions to social insurance fund, expenses on rent of rooms, their contents, fee of communication, protection, travel and expense accounts, costs of carrying out obligatory audit, depreciation charges, payment of utilities, expenses on repair etc.

The means transferred in result of intraeconomic calculations. They include the expenses connected with creation of production (works, to an usl, the non-profit organization intended for other divisions (expenses of printing house, repair and service of computers etc.).

In the countries of market economy non-profit organizations are allowed to be engaged besides primary activity in business activity. By means of the last non-profit organizations have an opportunity to earn additional funds which cannot be provided by founders, participants of the organization at present. At the same time business activity has a little limited character.