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Sardines the oceanic salty. Carry to this group of salty goods a sardine,, a sardinella and a Mexican. Sardines the oceanic salty have to be not less than 15 cm long, and sardines Mexican — not 11 cm. They come to trade in not cut look.

Development of the majority of microorganisms, first of all putrefactive, is suppressed at concentration of 10 — 15%. However concentration of chloride sodium — less than 5%, on the contrary, promote development of solelyubivy (galofilny). Suppression of activity of Microorganisms at the results also from development in a brine and a product of microbes — antagonists of putrefactive bacteria,

Anchousovy and small seldevy fishes salty. Carry a hamsa, an anchovy, a sprat, a sprat to this group of salty fish goods Baltic, Caspian, Black Sea (sprats, ) and to a tyulk. They come to trade in not cut look without division by the sizes. On fat content and a of salt are not subdivided.

Among azovo-Black Sea seldy differ in good food and flavoring properties Danube and Kerch which have the most gentle consistence of meat and are one of the most valuable snack products. Let out them only light-salted.

The group of a herring salty is very various. Include in this group salty a herring of the following names: Atlantic fat, Atlantic, Pacific fat, Pacific, Caspian, chernospinka (hall), azovo-Black Sea (including Danube,, Don, dneprovsky), belomorsky. Fat call Atlantic and Pacific a herring at the content of fat in meat of 12% and more, the ozhirka having in an abdominal cavity, between skin and meat a fat layer. These a herring happen not cut, zyabreny, zhabrovanny, semi-gutted, decapitated, a carcass and slices not less than 5 cm long (Azovo-chernomorsky a herring release the application only in a look.

Despite the general tendency of reduction in production of salty fish goods the ambassador for the ripening fishes is considered one of the most expedient ways of processing therefore their range will continuously extend and for this reason I decided to devote the term paper of a herring salty.

The ambassador of fish is one of the most ancient ways of her conservation. Throughout several millennia table salt was in essence only and the well-tried preserving remedy in this connection salty fish, and, first of all fish of a strong posol, took the dominating place among fish goods.

Chloride sodium does not possess bactericidal action. Its influence on microorganisms is reduced generally to suppression of their development. High osmotic pressure of solutions of chloride sodium causes dehydration of cages of microorganisms, their sizes and a form, violation of a water exchange.

The nutrition value of fish is defined by all completeness of useful properties, including extent of ensuring physiological needs of the person for the main feedstuffs, energy and organoleptic advantages. It is characterized by a chemical composition of fish taking into account her consumption in the standard quantities.

Proteins of meat of fish in comparison with proteins of meat of animals differ high (to 97%) in comprehensibility. It is caused by that the of meat of fish making bulk of albumens of muscular tissue is exposed to a denaturation under the influence of heating easier and rather the of meat of land animals is digested in a digestive tract of the person, than.

All these three processes of redistribution of salt and water happen in the diffusion and osmotic way. At diffusion along muscle fibers the average speed of penetration of salt into meat is higher, than at diffusion across fibers. Along with redistribution of salt between a brine and a product also redistribution begins

At salt dry salt on a surface forms a brine at the expense of moisture of products in the beginning. From this point between a product and a brine there is an exchange diffusion similar to diffusion at wet salt. The brine on a surface of muscular tissue, more slowly - on fatty, even more slowly - on an external surface of skin is most quicker formed.

In the last decade the number of the people using ready dishes and semi-finished products increased. Besides, essential change of traditional tastes of the population was result of the increasing awareness on impact of various products on health and life expectancy of the person.

From here it is visible, what huge economic value had the invention of a pickles of a herring at which this fish not only remains a long time (years, in barrels) for mankind, but also develops a fine taste and can be transported on any distances.