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Now the term "project" is considered as a certain task with in advance defined basic data and the having specific goals confirmed with the resources having at the owner. From here essence of management of the project — to provide correct performance of goals with the minimum costs, without exceeding the level of the available resources.

Very risk factor. Investment activity is always carried out in the conditions of uncertainty which degree can vary considerably. For example, at the time of acquisition of new fixed assets it is very difficult to predict economic effect of this operation. Therefore, decisions are made on an intuitive basis, nevertheless, they have to be supported with economic calculation.

Degree of responsibility for adoption of the investment project within these directions is various. If it is about replacement of the available capacities, the decision can be made rather without serious consequences as the management of the enterprise clearly imagines, in what volume and with what characteristics new fixed assets are necessary. If it is about the investments connected with expansion of primary activity, the task becomes complicated as in this case it is necessary to consider a number of new factors: possibility of change of position of group on a commodity market, availability of additional volumes of material, labor and financial resources, possibility of development of the new markets, etc.

For each phase of the project cost is defined and planned schedules (schedules) of performance of work pay off. Schedules of performance of work regulate expenses of resources and terms of work. The plan of implementation of the project and the related schedules have to be revised in case of need taking into account the changing conditions of its performance.

Rather often decisions are made in conditions when there is a number of alternative or mutually independent projects. In this case it is necessary to make a choice of one or several projects, based on some criteria. It is obvious that such criteria can be a little, and probability of that some project will be more preferable than others, as a rule, less unit.

Activities for management of realization of projects which are enabled at the different organizational levels and various parts of projects, itself need management. In it properties of management of implementation of projects as systems are also shown.

The main contents of any more or less full project in all cases are the general and logically follow from the operating mechanism of regulation of economy of that country where the project is realized.

Management of the project on any phase of its life cycle consists of several steps. In a pre-investment phase some parallel kinds of activity which partially extend and on the following, investment phase take place. Management on a pre-investment phase contains the following steps:

Now all organizations providing services in management of the project have no general receptions and methods on management that essentially belittles value of Management of the project as disciplines.

The most important direction of planning is estimation of cost of the project. Four types of estimates which consistently specify project cost in dependence are applied to planning of cost of the project