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Dexterity of fingers can considerably will decrease at arthritis. If the state not really heavy also does not cause severe pains, the main treatment is the combination of rest and exercises. Exercises which were given higher, best of all to do when hands are warmed (for example, in warm waters. They have to will be executed very accurately – never lead up before that joints stiffened and became too intense. To strengthen fingers, try to clench fists, having clamped in them coils with threads. At the night of a hand will better have a rest if are in conveniently situation in special popular prints.

There are various gels. Single-phase, two-phase. For gel at us thought up one more name - "the self-leveled pitch". From here also there was a concept "pitch nails" which lately with might and main advertize. Actually it that other, as two-phase gel.

Rub the moisturizing or special cream in a nail thin skin and on each side a nail thumb roundabouts. Take fingers in a tray with soap water at least 3 minutes to soften a thin skin, then wipe a soft towel. Do not process at once both hands, make that the thin skin was softened all the time.

First and simplest rule: always carefully wipe hands after any contact with water. The more long they remain wet, the skin is dehydrated more. One more way to protect skin of hands is every time to put on rubber gloves, performing dirty housework, or special garden gloves, working in a garden. However not to wear rubber gloves more than 10 minutes as hands in them start sweating. It dries up skin, and hands will be rigid and dry during some time after you took off gloves. If you need to work in them more long, try to dress inside the cheap

Time in two-three weeks needs to be done correction of nails. As the native nail continues to grow, the strip of a fresh nail between edge artificial and the nail roller which needs to be covered with gel is bared. Then "life" of artificial nails will smoothly proceed.

Technology of extension of silk nails is as follows: nails are shortened, to them tipsa, then from silk are pasted or other similar material (, flax) rags in a shape of nails are cut out. They become impregnated with special structure and are imposed on nails. After hardening procedure repeats, that is some layers are imposed. Then nails are processed, they are given the form, they are polished.

strengthens their growth, eliminates flexibility of nails and interferes with their oblamyvaniye. Strengthen and level nails also liquid silk fibers applied before a covering it is delicious. If nails weak, stratified, it is possible to use the special medical program, the healthy, naturally strong nails promoting growth. For wavy and rough nails, there are grinding preparations with medical effect.

There is a set of ways to decorate nails. It both transfers, and applications from "gold dust" and "jewels". There is "piercing" of nails - on nails hang up jewelry, boring through in them small openings. These "ear rings" can be both costume jewelry, and gold.

It is possible to improve a type of nails only at the correct care of them. The hilly, broken-off and stratified nails look ugly, and it is caused, as a rule, by that hands often are in water which in a place with detergents dries up nails. That they did not break and were not stratified, try not to subject them to tension, use rubber gloves. If you apply a colourless varnish or a liquid fixer on nails, the protective film will protect them and they will not be exfoliates.

business it not so. Length of nails can be chosen any, and as for household chores, here they are simply irreplaceable. Many women have nails not in the best form - fragile, rough, stratified, covered with grooves or too short and wide.

Increased though, now your nails become covered by a varnish. What want. The women who did not get used to have long nails first use varnishes of light tones, but then grow bolder and colors of varnishes become more and more "defiant" (black for example, or blue). The black varnish with spangles (on long, beautiful nails) looks very festively and elegantly, many I use it, as "evening manicure". Also very beautifully drawing or application looks on nails.