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Physical preparation – the fundamental party of sports training as in a bigger measure, than other parties of preparation, it is characterized by the physical activities influencing morfofunktsionalny properties of an organism. Success of technical training, the content of tactics of the athlete, realization of personal properties in the course of trainings and competitions depend on the level of physical fitness.

Methods of determination of the sizes of separate particles direct measurement (sitovy the analysis, optical and electronic microscopy) or according to indirect data belong to the first group, for example: speeds of subsidence of particles in the viscous environment (the sedimentatsionny analysis in a gravitational field and in centrifuges), the size of the impulses of electric current arising when passing particles through an opening in a nonconducting partition (konduktometricheskiya meta.

In the group accepting classical neuroleptics reception of proofreaders of a holinolitichesky row (, ) was provided in doses to 10-12 mg/days. Proofreaders were appointed in case of distinct side extrapyramidal effects in the form of sharp dystonias, medicinal parkinsonism and an akatiziya.

For the purpose of approbation and determination of efficiency of experimental techniques of PPV at education of physical qualities of judoists comparative pedagogical experiment in which four groups – three experimental and one control took part was made. In the first experimental group ( PPV M1 technique, in the second - PPV Sq.m technique was used, in the third - PPV M technique In control group (To a technique of PPV were not applied.

- recognition of direct deliberate suggestion (further software in the awake state as one of the main methods of verbal heteroinfluence in pedagogical activity of the trainer and lack of theoretical justification of methodical features of its application in sports preparation, and in particular in the course of education of physical qualities.

Therefore, essential changes in indicators of a level of development of physical qualities with use of a technique of PPV M1 are found in high-speed abilities and force, extent of influence of a technique in this case the greatest. The smallest extent of influence of a technique is found out in the course of education of endurance, flexibility, coordination abilities that gives the grounds to speak about insufficient efficiency of use of a technique of PPV M1 at education of the specified qualities.

Thus, the one-factorial dispersive analysis showed that use of a technique of PPV M3 in the preparatory period is the most effective in the course of education of physical qualities as the increase in extent of its influence after every month of pedagogical experiment/9/is observed.