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Firm cheeses the most extensive group of abomasal cheeses. Lactic bacteria take part in their maturing, and development of aerobic microflora on a surface of heads during maturing is suppressed. These cheeses develop with application of the second heating and compulsory pressing. Cheeses cover with paraffin mix or polymeric coverings.

Cheese is the most important source of calcium and phosphorus. Cheese is one of the most important sources of vitamins A, E, B2 (Riboflavinum), B1 Vitamins - the difficult substances urged to regulate exchange processes of substances. The majority of vitamins are not developed in an organism, they have to be entered with food.

Cheeses are an important source of biologically valuable protein. Proteins of cheese are acquired for 98,5%. Good assimilation is promoted by hydrolysis of proteins when maturing before simpler connections, generally soluble. The nutrition value of proteins is caused by qualitative and quantitative composition of the amino acids entering them. The more stoutly it is used by a human body of squirrels of food for synthesis of fabric proteins and other connections, the its nutrition value is higher. Such proteins which structure is closest to composition of proteins of a human body are most valuable. Proteins of an animal origin are more valuable to the person, but it does not mean that the person has to eat only animal products. Proteins of cereals and bean cultures on amino-acid structure also are high-valuable. In a food allowance of the person animal products have to be in certain combinations to vegetable food. Proteins in human bodies and an animal not only are used for creation and reproduction of fabrics, hormones, enzymes, some vitamins and other connections, but also can be a power source.

The lack of this or that amino acid of food is reflected first of all in regeneration of proteins. At absence or a lack of a stern of a valin animals lose appetite and can be lost or they break coordination of movements.

Tovarovedny classification of cheeses is based taking into account the main processing methods of processing of milk and a clot, and also nature of maturing of cheese, i.e. specific structure of the microorganisms which are taking part when maturing. On a way of folding of milk distinguish cheeses abomasal and sour-milk.

B2 vitamin (Riboflavinum) participates in processes of tissue respiration, promotes development of energy in an organism. This vitamin is especially necessary for children: the shortcoming causes it delay of growth and development. The need of the person for this vitamin makes 2 - 2,5 mg a day. In 100 g of its cheese 0,4-0,5 mg contain.

The problem of food is one of the major social problems. Human life, its health and work are impossible without full-fledged food. According to the theory of the balanced food in a diet of the person have to contain not only proteins, fats and carbohydrates in necessary quantity, but also such substances as irreplaceable amino acids, vitamins, minerals in proportions, certain, favorable to the person. In the organization of healthy nutrition the paramount part is assigned to dairy products. It fully belongs and to cheese which nutritional value is caused by high concentration in it milk protein and fat, availability of the irreplaceable amino acids, salts of calcium and phosphorus so necessary for normal development of a human body.

The nutrition value of a product is the broadest concept including the contents in a product of the main chemicals, extent of their assimilation and power value, their flavoring advantages and harmlessness.

The full - proteins, being entered into a human body, are capable to keep activity and normal development of an organism. Such proteins contain all irreplaceable amino acids. Casein of milk and egg albumine can be an example of full-fledged proteins.

The biological value of a product – reflects first of all quality of proteins in it, amino-acid structure and digestibility. In a broader sense is a balanced contents in a product of irreplaceable amino acids, vitamins, mineral elements.