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The population of our planet making nowadays over 5 billion people grows very quickly - per day on a quarter of one million people. Only for the current decade population of the world will grow by 1 billion people.

In Latin America Catholicism prevails as the majority of the countries of this region were earlier colonial possession of Spain and Portugal. For this reason more than a half of all Catholics of the world is the share of the American continent.

However in different parts Earth rates of change of population the different. The bulk of new inhabitants is born in developing countries whereas the population grows in group of economically developed countries or moderate rates, or very slowly (or even it is reduced.

The Protestantism is widespread in northern, central and western parts of Europe. It is professed by most of Germans, Dutches, Swedes, Norwegians, British, Scots, Finns. It prevails in the USA, and other English-speaking countries. Considerable groups of Protestants are available in the Republic of South Africa, Brazil, Estonia and Latvia.

Other type of reproduction of the population is characterized by averages and even low indicators of birth rate, and also low indicators of mortality and delay of growth rates of the population. It is characteristic for economically developed countries.

In the world (in general) steady decrease in rates of an increase in population is observed. But there are countries and regions, for example, Africa where the demographic situation differs in special complexity, growth rates of the population high that in effect causes further deterioration of a social status of people.

The increase in the population in the world could be welcomed only if it was not followed by growth of number starving, poor, illiterate, jobless, and also degradation of lands, deterioration of life and environment.