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The historiosophical concept of K.N. Leontyev is very simple in essence. On average, on his thoughts, historical term of development of the people – one thousand two hundred is put. This term also shares for three periods / see above/: initial simplicity, the blossoming complexity and secondary uprostitelny mixture. Division of all history into three periods very as it is almost impossible to find room for all variety of events in it very difficult rather. S. N. Bulgakov otmechal19 that Konstantin Leontyev was insufficiently educated and knew " a little that force of his mind demanded" but that the historiosophical concept, despite its extremely simplified biological character, was not deprived of sequence and insights. If in the nature no, a place to the moral moment, so it does not be and in dialectics of historical development. The moral beginning is brought in history from above by trade Bozhiim. The writer draws from this a conclusion: egalitarian process in the nature is destructive: the form is the despotism of internal idea which is not allowing a matter to run up.

The theory of conservatism, its basic provisions were considered in E. Burke's works / XVIII century/. It and his numerous followers were convinced that social experience is passed on from generation in, the person cannot consciously predict it and is not able them therefore to operate.