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By separate types of production the powerful part of export deliveries in the world are the share of a share of the Japanese companies: semiconductors — 50%, cars — 22%, the office and telecommunication equipment — 22,6%, steel — 17,4%. Transformation of Japan into one of the main world exporters of production of mechanical engineering and the knowledge-intensive production became a result of its industrial and scientific and technical development.

In Japan actions which keep the companies as the assets, are registered at the registration cost therefore if the stock value on securities market considerably exceeds a registration course, it respectively increases the hidden assets of firms, gives them the chance without thinking about shareholders and control bodies to carry out capital investments proceeding from long-term interests.

The market functioning on such basis in group is more favorable to all its participants, than the free market of cash goods. Here risk degree is lower, expenses according to transactions are lower. At the small enterprises lower level of a salary. It serves one of the reasons of that in the country the considerable difference in salary levels between the large, medium-sized and small companies remains. The salary on the last averages about 60% of payment occupied at the large enterprises.

Japan takes a peculiar place in the world movement of technology. She imports all technology from the industrial countries, and exports almost equally in industrially developed and developing countries. 40% of total amount of export of technology are taken out to the countries of Asia. The Japanese companies expand scientific and technical cooperation and development of industrial cooperation with East and Southeast Asia, seeking to transfer production of average complexity to neighboring countries, and to concentrate on development and development of technologically difficult production. As a result in Asian part of the world lines of yaponotsentristsky model of scientific and technical and industrial interaction are looked through.

Feature of an economic system — vertical integration of firms, their grouping which penetrates all system of business relations in the country. Two levels or like formation of economic groups differ. The first — traditional for the majority of the western countries. It is based on an interlacing of the capital and the personal union. Uniqueness of Japanese economic system is defined by existence of groups (keyreets) which represent merger of the large companies with small and average, based on various look communications, main from which act production, determined by head firms.

Japan - the state in East Asia, is located on the islands of Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu and the numerous small islands adjoining them. The territory of Japan makes 372,2 thousand km. The capital - Tokyo, other large cities with the population over 1 million people - Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya,, Sapporo, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Kitakyushu. Administrative-territorial division - 47 prefectures.

The basis of the organization of management at this approach was made by the small self-coping groups. They cover all enterprise for a vertical and horizontal. Each group is put in such conditions which stimulate improvement of its activity, continuous search of ways of economical use of the equipment. The group participates in decision-making, concerning firm in general or its divisions if these decisions mention this group.

Japanese capital investments in this area promote creation of the relations of diverse and difficult production specialization between the local and Japanese enterprises and the local enterprises and their partners from neighboring countries. The relations of production specialization promote that one or several countries become main suppliers of separate types of production: electrotechnical details and elements of electronic schemes — Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand; machines and the production equipment — Taiwan, South Korea; household electrogoods — Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand.

Due to the processes of globalization of production of the largest companies to keyreets endure the period of essential organizational reorganization with emergence in their structure of new links. These changes pursue the aim to find optimum as far as it is possible, a combination of relationship non-market in character between the companies in group with freedom of action of the grouped firms for ensuring effective functioning of group as a whole.