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In the light of this concept of People as the moral being does not need any baits or coercion because originally nravtenny motive is generated by will of the personality. This motive in that persons the pestilence fulfilled a duty, without expecting compensation neither in it, nor in other world.

The facts in itself do not make science. The facts have to be subjected to selection,, to generalization and an explanation, then they will join in science fabric. The fact contains the much casual. Therefore the fact, and a set of the facts reflecting the main tendency goes a basis for N of the analysis not simply. Only in an interconnection and integrity the facts can form the basis for the obobshcheiya teort. From respectively the facts it is possible to construct any theory.

Description, and explanation. In the course and ekspery the description, recording is carried out. The basic of N the requirement to the description - its reliability, accuracy of reproduction of these supervision and experiment.

Whether the Environment of life is limited obshchestvalit the geographer Wednesday? No. qualitatively other of natures the environment of his life the sphere of all live - the biosphere. In a mouth dlit evolutions it developed as the dynamic, internally differentiated equilibrium system. It develops together with evolution of the Universe and all live.

Besides all live the biosphere includes also the person. And its influence strongly changes the biosphere. With development of humanity transition to a new qualitative state - a noosphere, the representing sphere live and reasonable is carried out. Noosphere.. the new special reality connected with deeper and comprehensive forms impacts of society on the nature.